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Introducing TurboSplines 3dsMax plugin

See product’s page: TurboSplines


2 thoughts on “Introducing TurboSplines 3dsMax plugin

  1. Hi
    Awesome pluging you has here.
    I’ve downloaded today and give a try. it is a cool tool.
    Unfortunatelly 3ds max 2015 crash when try to export as X file.
    This issue raise a question:
    Once done animation, can I export the mesh?, and if so, what types of files being supported?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi 3com,
      TurboSplines produces standard 3dsMax meshes. It woks with Path Deform (WSM) modifier.
      Like most of the modifiers in 3dsMax, it creates mesh deformation, wich in terms of animation is called vertex animation.
      So, to export animations generated by TurboSplines, you can export to any 3D file format that support vertex animation. For example, FBX.

      Hope that helped. Cheers.

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