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Scatter Tools


Scatter Tools is a powerful 3dsMax plugin to rearrange, randomize and redistribute the objects in your scene in a very simple and intuitive way.
Swap them around, apply random transforms and quickly scatter them wherever you need.

Scatter, don’t clone. Unlike other scattering plugins, Scatter Tools helps you rearrange and redistribute the existing objects in your scene. It does not scatter multiple clones of a source object. It scatters the objects you select over the distribution surface or the points you have defined.
Since it doesn’t use a particle system, you can always access your objects and adjust them manually if necessary.
Additionally, you can restore their original transforms at any time.

RMX Scatter Tools Features

Key Features

Amazing Switch Places tool to quickly swap multiple objects around and try different layouts or combinations:
– option to get rotation from the target
– restrict swapping to objects with similar dimensions only

5 different methods to scatter your objects:
– Over the entire distribution surface
– By face orientation
– Auto-populate Furniture (exclusive smart algorithm)
– Use vertices / spline knots
– Place at objects pivots

Mind-blowing Auto-Populate Furniture algorithm to automatically scatter small elements like household and decorative objects, books, toys, etc., over your models of tables, desks, shelves, bookcases and such, with no collisions and in a smart organic way.

Full support for 3dsMax groups, both for distribution surfaces and elements to scatter.

3 pre-built options to use as pivot positions for placing your objects: pivot, center or base.

Built-in collision detection for all scattering methods. No overlapping objects.

Randomize Transforms. Easily move, rotate and scale your elements randomly to create variation.

No particle systems. No binding between elements. Full access to your objects, at all times.

No plugin-dependency. You can work freely on your objects after using this tool.

Very simple to use plugin, with a clean and intuitive interface.

Independent script, powered by RandoMixer

Scatter Tools was born as a sub-application of RandoMixer 3dsMax plugin and has grown as a totally independent script. It takes the most useful distribution tools (natively integrated in RandoMixer) and brings them together into a fast and easy-to-use interface. It can be used as a complement of RandoMixer plugin (e.g., to edit or create states/variants manually) or as a potent stand-alone tool.
It is not necessary to install or run RandoMixer plugin to use Scatter Tools. Both plugins have independent and different type of licenses.

This is a powerful time-saving tool for artists and professionals in the fields of Architectural Visualization (ArchViz), CG Animation, Motion Graphics, 3D Game Art, VFX, Graphic Design and Industrial Design.

More Info

Check out the Script Manual for further information.

3dsMax version required: 2015 or higher.

Last update: April 30, 2024

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