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About Us / Mission

Since 2016, SplineDynamics.com hosts a growing family of scripts & plugins for Autodesk 3ds Max developed by Hernán A. Rodenstein, Argentinian CG artist and animator.

Our goal is to provide valuable and innovative tools to help artists and professionals take their creativity and productivity to the highest level.

All our products are stable and exhaustively tested by professionals of the industry before they are released.

We have a commitment to quality. We constantly receive feedback from our customers, wich we use to improve our software through frequent updates.

We are proud to have a well-recognized customer support, based on giving quick responses and dedicated solutions.

We give lifetime licenses for all our products, so you don’t have to pay more than once. Additionally, some of our plugins have an annual license option for a more affordable price.

We treat you well and try to understand your needs because we want you to be happy with our work and recommend us.

We love what we do, and that’s why we do it.

3dsMax plugins / commercial scripts

Our products are mainly focused on spline modeling, creative animation and scene optimization.
These tools will help you resolve your everyday tasks much easier and faster, increasing your productivity and boosting your creativity.

Here’s an overview of our 3dsMax plugins.

Free scripts

We also offer you some useful free scripts with editable source code. You can download them, modify them and use them at your own risk. We provide no warranty or support for them (with the exception of the free versions of commercial scripts, such as SuperHelix Free).

You can find them here: free scripts


Enjoy these new and exciting tools for 3dsMax.

If you have any questions, consultations or business proposals, please contact us through this Contact Form.

Best Regards,

Hernan A. Rodenstein | SplineDynamics.com