FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

It depends on what type of license you purchase: Regular License or Corporate License.
The default and most common is the Regular License, wich allows you to install the plugin on up to 2 workstations.
The Corporate License allows up to 10 workstations.
See the next item for detailed information about these licenses.

When you buy a product, you have the option to choose the license type.
Both licence types are valid for personal and commercial use. They are node-locked, wich means tied to one or more physical computers. (They are not floating licenses)

  • The Regular License lets you use the product in 2 different workstations. It comes with 2 license keys (every lic. key manages 1 node).
  • The Corporate License allows up to 10 workstations. It also comes with 2 license keys (every lic. key manages 5 nodes).

If you need to install the plugin on many workstations at your studio or company, the Corporate option is very convenient. You save 20% in the final price (equivalent to get 5 products for the price of 4) and you can manage 10 plugin installations with just 2 license keys, avoiding dealing with multiple keys.

Initially, you are given a single license key. You can generate additional license keys and manage them at My Account section in this website.

Yes, you should be able to install it in all 3dsMax supported versions on the same machine, using the same license key. The license is tied to the computer (node-locked), not to the software.
If you have any trouble with this, please write us through the contact form and we’ll help you.

We take mainly Paypal and Credit/Debit Card payments.
We use Verifone (formerly 2Checkout ), a leading global payment platform, to process the payments.
With these methods you will get the product/s immediately.

Alternatively, you can pay with the following methods:

  • Wise (formerly TransferWise)
  • Payoneer
  • cryptocurrency

Payment processing with these alternative methods is done manually and can take us up to 48 hours, but we usually get it done within a couple of hours.
For Payoneer, the minimum amount required for a transfer is USD 50. We can return the difference to you in the form of a coupon valid for future purchases on our website.

Here are some possible issues and how to solve them:

  • Error message: “credit card not supported”
    If you chose to pay directly with credit card and you got that message, it’s because our payment processor 2Checkout is currently not supporting all type of credit cards. Direct credit card payment is only available for Diners, American Express, Discover and JCB.
    Solution: select Paypal option and pay as a guest. You can pay with plenty of credit and debit cards through Paypal without needing a Paypal account. Just select Paypal method and then click on “Pay with Credit/Debit Card” link.
  • There’s no option to pay with credit/debit card on Paypal form
    Some shoppers are required to create a PayPal account and they cannot checkout as a guest on Paypal.
    This is because PayPal has a set of rules, that require a PayPal account creation based on undisclosed risk scores (checks a combination of usage of card and/or email address and even order amounts for specific shoppers; and their rules vary for each country).
    Solution: either create a Paypal account (it’s free) or use another of the alternative payment methods we offer: Wise, Payoneer or cryptocurrency.
  • When I press “Place Order” button, nothing happens
    This is a technical issue. If the page does not react or stays frozen, there’s probably a problem with your browser or a congestion in Internet traffic.
    Solution: if possible, try with another browser. If not, try deleting your browser’s cookies and refresh the page with CTRL+F5. If this doesn’t work, just wait some hours and try again later to make sure the internet traffic conditions have improved and payment processing is smoother.
  • I have payed the order and the money was discounted from my account but I don’t get the product
    This is a very rare case caused by an error in the communication between the site’s payment gateway and Paypal while processing the payment.
    Solution: do NOT try to make the payment again. It would probably get stuck again. Contact us immediately so we can cancel the order. That way, the money will be automatically returned to your Paypal account after a few days. Once solved, you can make the purchase again.

You can manage all the stuff related to your purchases (orders, downloads, invoices, licenses) and also edit your personal data or change your password. Just sign in and enter My Account section in this website.

Unzip the content of the .zip file and then drag the ‘.mzp’ file onto one of your viewports in 3ds Max .
The plugin automatically installs itself and runs for the first time.

If the plugin has a trial version, a dialog will ask you to choose between activating your license or using the trial version. You can activate your license at any time during the trial period by pressing the button called ‘Activate your License‘, usually located at the Help rollout. That will open the ‘Software Activation’ dialog.

If there’s no trial version, then the ‘Software Activation’ dialog will pop-up automatically.

To activate your license, enter your license key in the ‘Software Activation’ dialog. (You received a license key by email when you purchased the product).

If the license key is correct, The plugin will start.

To add the plugin icon to a toolbar:

  1. Go to ‘Customize’ menu > ‘Customize user interface’ > ‘Toolbars’ tab.
  2. Pick the category ‘Spline Dynamics.
  3. The plugin’s name must be listed there. Just drag it onto the toolbar and you’re done!

You received a license key by email when you purchased the plugin. If you can’t find the email, please check your spam folder.
You can also find it by entering My Account section in this website, at the order of the product in question.
If you still have trouble to get it, please write us through the contact form and we will assist you.

Log in and enter My Account section in this website. Go to Orders area and locate the order in wich you purchased the product in question. Click on License Manage.
In this section you can deactivate your currently assigned license keys, delete them and/or generate new ones.
You have a maximum of 2 license keys per product license.

Yes. We are commited to give our clients the best support and keep these tools always fresh and up to date.
For that reason, we provide frequent free updates.

An update is a release containing enhancements and bug fixes for the current version. It is reflected in the version number as an increment in the decimal part. (e.g., v1.09 -> v1.10)
Updates are free and more frequent than upgrades.

An upgrade is a whole new major version that represents a significant change or big improvement. The version number increases by 1 unit. (e.g., v1.xx -> 2.xx)
Upgrades are paid. This is because they require a lot of hard work and dedication.
If you already own a plugin, you pay 50% of the current product price for the upgrade. If you have purchased the product less than a year before the upgrade is released, you get it for free (write us asking for a 100% discount coupon).
Versions prior to the last upgrade won’t get any kind of update but you can continue using them as long as they work. You will always have customer support, but be aware that we prioritize newer versions and we strongly recommend you to keep your plugins up to date for full compatibility with the latest 3dsMax and Windows updates.

You can always download the latest updates for our products at the Product Updates page.
The scripts automatically check for updates every 15 days and inform you about new releases. We also publish these news on our Facebook page.

Yes, there are plenty of tutorials and documentation for every tool. You can find the links at Help rollout of every plugin.
Also at the main navigation bar of this site: Tutorials or Support > Manuals (for detailed information about the plugin tools).
Subscribe to our Youtube Channel to get access to all the video tutorials and watch the trailers of new plugins when they are released.

Please write us through this Contact Form.