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RandoMixer is a powerful 3dsMax plugin to automatically generate multiple variants of your scene, model or character and manage them within a collection of states.
Moreover, it’s an unrivaled tool to randomize transforms and materials, swap objects around, scatter them, create combinations between different sets of elements, automatically switch active lights and cameras, and a lot more!

Due to its versatility, RandoMixer can be used for many different purposes in diverse fields. Here are some of its applications:

  • Brainstorming. Instantly get lots of ideas on how to stage your scene or arrange the elements of your model.
  • Produce different versions. Easily get a plethora of options for your client, director or yourself to choose from.
    Generate scene states; explore possible variations on a model; visualize different layouts or arranges; try different light/camera setups.
  • Grant Uniqueness. Spawn multiple clones of your models or characters, giving each copy a particular trait.
    Build a 3D NFT Collection of randomly-generated characters; diversify your game assets; present different assembles of a model or product.
  • Create states for animation. Use a set of states, layouts or poses as a starting point for your animation.

RandoMixer stores all variants in a collection or sequence of states, which you can navigate and visualize directly in your 3dsMax viewport, with the click of a button!

This plugin brings exciting new tools to the market, with unique features and countless applications:

Multiple scene variants in no time
Define a set of different possible models for specific elements in your scene, as well as alternative materials, lights or cameras, and automatically produce numerous combinations to choose from. Or use the built-in function to render them all!

Auto-populate furniture
Exclusive built-in algorithm to automatically scatter small elements like household and decorative objects, books, toys, etc., over your models of tables, desks, shelves, bookcases and such, with no overlapping and in a smart organic way!

3D NFT Generator / Character Collections
Build a huge collection of randomly-generated characters in no time, by combining sets of interchangeable body parts. Includes dedicated tools to export NFTs metadata.

Instant Animations from a set of states
Easily generate and export a collection of object states to 3dsMax timeline as an animation for your project.

RandoMixer 3dsMax plugin Features - Create 3D NFT Character Collections and Motion Graphics animations.

How does it work?

  1. You provide the plugin with one or more sets of objects from your scene.
  2. Choose the desired operations to perform on them and adjust the settings (e.g.: switch places, apply random transforms, scatter, etc.)
  3. Optionally, set the type of combination to implement and the number of variants you want. (e.g.: produce 50 unique variants showing 3 elements of each set)
  4. Press ‘Create Collection’. The plugin will generate the number of variants you required.
  5. You can now easily navigate the collection back and forward with 2 simple arrow keys and make changes if necessary.
  6. Optionally, you can render the collection as a sequence of images (built-in function) or export it to 3dsMax timeline as an animation!

You can also use RandoMixer to manually create and visualize your custom object states faster and more efficiently than with 3dsMax built-in utilities State Sets or Scene States.


  • Define and manage different Sets or categories of objects.
  • Apply random transforms (move, rotate or scale using pivot, center or base)
  • Switch Places between multiple objects:
    – Filter by similar dimensions
    – Inherit rotation
    – Use pivot/center/base
  • Scatter objects onto each other. Collision detection. Various options:
    – Use entire surface
    – Define surface by orientation of face normals
    Auto-populate furniture like desks, tables, shelves, etc. (exclusive smart algorithm)
    – Use vertices / spline knots
    – Place at pivots
  • Apply multiple operations to one or more sets of elements sequentially and simultaneously
  • Support for geometry, shapes, lights, cameras, helpers and groups/hierarchies.
  • Generate a collection of states:
    – Set the desired number of unique variants, states or combinations to produce.
    – Dedicated tools to edit, manage and navigate the collection
    – All changes are reflected directly and immediately in the viewport.
    – Ability to store changes in transforms, base parameters, modifiers and materials.
  • Switch Materials:
    – Define a palette of alternative materials either for each set or per element.
    – Randomly swap materials between different objects.
  • Auto-switch lights on/off (automatically create light states)
  • Randomize light parameters: intensity, color.
  • Auto-switch active camera (pick a random camera for each state/frame)
  • Randomize camera FOV parameter.
  • Support for lights and cameras from all major render engines. All materials supported, with no restrictions.
  • Generate different type of combinations between sets and elements:
    – Show one set at a time
    – Show one element at a time
    – Show one element of each set at a time
    – Define the number of elements from each set to show at a time
    – Do not combine
  • Define how frequently a set or element will appear in the collection
  • Options to configure specifc properties and filters for every set, element and class of object.
  • Dedicated tools for creating NFT Collections:
    – Assign custom names for each set/category and their elements to define traits and values
    – Manage Rarity: set a percentage of occurrence for every set/trait in the collection; define the weight for each element in the set (probability to show up).
    – Export collection’s metadata to a sequence of JSON files.
  • Shuffle Collection (randomize the order of the collection frames)
  • Take a snapshot of one or more frames/states (clone + group objects)
  • Support for animated objects/characters. Create animated states (typically loops).
  • Render the collection as a sequence of images. (set a custom frame range, image output size and filename)
  • Export collection to 3dsMax timeline as an animation! (set default tangent type and frame/state duration; option to animate switching cameras)
  • Collections Manager. Dedicated tool to manage multiple collections in a scene simultaneously from a single place. Play selected collections in sync, take snapshots, render them.
  • Built-in Presets. Load/save custom Presets.
  • Quick Combinations Wizard. A very simple tool to quickly visualize replacing specific objects in your scene with alternative models and testing different combinations of elements in your current layout.
  • Simple drag&drop installation.
  • No plugin-dependency.

This is a powerful time-saving tool for artists and professionals in the fields of Architectural Visualization (ArchViz), CG Animation, Motion Graphics, 3D Game Art, VFX, Graphic Design and Industrial Design.

NOTE: If you are just interested in the scattering tools of this plugin, for dressing interior scenes, we stronlgy recommend you to take a look at Scatter Tools plugin, which is a smaller and very easy to use plugin that gathers the best of RandoMixer scatter tools.

More Info

Check out the Script Manual for further information.

3dsMax version required: 2015 or higher.

Last update: June 8, 2024

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