Spline Refiner

Smart Spline Subdivision


Spline Refiner is a 3dsMax productivity tool to fine-tune your spline shapes incredibly fast, in a simple and efficient way.

With this plugin, you can subdivide the splines uniformly, in a human-like manner, adding detail only where it needs to. So, you get a balanced segments distribution without altering the shape of your curves or touching the existing vertices.

Unlike 3dsMax’s Normalize Spline modifier, this tool analyzes the current vertex distribution and smartly determines the best way to get an even segmentation, preserving the integrity of the shape. It does not work with a fix segmentation value. It calculates an average value for every segment to get a general uniform subdivision. The result is always consistent and pleasant to human eye.

The folowing is a comparison between 3dsMax’s Normalize Spl. modifier and Spline Refiner action over fine details.

Spline Refiner can process hundreds of splines in seconds, with just a few clicks! This tool will really speed-up your workflow and enhance your work!

This is ideal for CG artists and professionals who usually work with vector curves in 3dsMax, e.g. for Architectural Visualization (Arch-Viz), Engineering, Industrial Design, 3D logo design and spline modeling in general.

Spline Refiner is a commercial script for 3dsMax 2012 and higher.


  • Simple, user-friendly UI, thought for fast workflow.
  • Supports actions on multiple shapes simultaneously.
  • Supports shapes with modifiers applied. (Acts on base object level)
  • Equalize Subdivision: generates a uniform spline segmentation, preserving the existing vertices.
    – Segment length:  automatic calculation or based on a user input.
    – Action on multiple splines: selectively per each spline or general for all shapes.
    – Operates either on the whole spline or only on curved parts (excluding straight lines).
  •  Increase Subdivision: divide every segment in spline in 2 halves.
    – Apply the action recursively n number of times.
    – Affect the whole spline or just curved parts.
  • Optimize straight lines: delete unnecessary vertices from straight lines.
  • Convert all segments to linear.
  • Change basic curve interpolation parameters for all selected shapes.
  • ‘Show vertex ticks’ switch to better display changes on segmentation.
  • Custom ‘Undo last action’ command.
  • Revert Actions: undo all the changes made on selected shapes.
  • No plugin-dependency. Simple drag & drop installation.

More Info

Check out the Tutorials and Script Manual for examples and further information.

3dsMax version required: 2012 or higher.

Last update: June 15, 2021


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