Overnight B.R. plugin now supports Render Presets!

March 18, 2021
We’ve just released a new version for our plugin Overnight Batch Render which can load 3dsMax Render Presets. Now you can select a render preset to apply to all the max files in the render queue, apart from overriding the main render parameters in every scene file. We hope you enjoy this great new addition! […]

New Q-Proxies Update v1.10 released!

August 22, 2020
Q-PROXIES version 1.10 is ready! 🙂 Smarter, faster and easier to set up!  Improved support for animated objects from external plugins ‘Max.num.faces’ filter default value was increased to 5 million to reduce the need of tweaking Default mesh type for ‘Vegetation’ preset is now Convex Hull, which processes extremely highpoly meshes really fast. Added warnings […]

New Exciting Features at SubSpline 3dsmax plugin!

April 4, 2020
New cool features in SUBSPLINE v1.15 3dsMax plugin! Copy/Paste material IDs between splines Assign custom ID sequences Get this update at the Product Updates page. Or buy this great plugin here: SubSpline

Optimization Plugins Bundle released – 15% OFF!

April 4, 2020
New OPTIMIZATION PLUGINS BUNDLE! 15% OFF! Q-Proxies + Proxy Textures + Overnight Batch Render 3 outstanding plugins to optimize your 3ds Max scenes to work faster and speed up your render jobs! Get it here!: Optimization Plugins Bundle

New TurboSplines Introductory Video Tutorial

April 4, 2020
Jamie Cardoso, a renowned author, reviewer, computer artist & technologist, made this wonderful introductory video tutorial about our flagship 3dsMax plugin TurboSplines. Enjoy it!