Stunning Animation by Richard Devonshire, made with SuperHelix & Spiros plugins

The talented artist Richard Devonshire has made this beatiful animation using SuperHelix and Spiros 3dsMax plugins.

The video includes a quick overview of the method he used in 3dsMax to achieve such a nice result.

Artist website:


New Bake Animation tool in Showcaser update v1.02

Introducing the new ‘Bake Animation’ tool in Showcaser 3dsMax plugin v1.02
This tool is very flexible and allows you to set your animation ready to be transferred from 3dsMax to your favorite 3D software, game engine or realtime application in just a few steps.

Check out this great tutorial to learn how to easily bake an entire animated scene or set of animated objects and export it to Unreal Engine.




Great Showcaser Spanish Tutorial by GianCR

The Spanish YouTube channel GianCR, specialized in 3dsMax tutorials for ArchViz, has made an excellent tutorial about our plugin Showcaser.
This great tool allows creating animations for project and product presentations in a very simple and intuitive way, and it doesn’t require previous animation knowledge.

In addition, this video announces a giveaway in which you can participate to win 50% discount coupons for purchasing the plugin, just typing the word “participo” (I participate) in the comments. It’s worth checking out!

You can also check our complete Youtube playlist for Showcaser English tutorials.


New “Quick Combinations Wizard” in RandoMixer update v1.10

Introducing the new “Quick Combinations Wizard” in RandoMixer 3dsMax plugin v1.10.

Easily test how different models look within your scene.

A very straightforward tool to quickly visualize replacing specific objects in your scene with alternative models and testing different combinations of elements in your current layout.

Get RandoMixer 3dsMax plugin!


New features in Spline Cleaner update v1.89

Easily set the correct direction of extrusion for one or more shapes.
The plugin instantly changes the local Z axis of a planar shape to fix the direction of extrusion.

  • Automatically find the proper extrusion direction
  • Set a specific world axis (X,Y,Z)
  • Reverse the current direction.

It also works nicely on open splines and single lines with only 2 vertices.
It can process multiple shapes at once.

Spline Cleaner is an advanced batch processing tool for cleaning, repairing and managing spline curves in 3ds Max.