New Q-Proxies Update v1.10 released!

Q-PROXIES version 1.10 is ready! 🙂

Smarter, faster and easier to set up!

  •  Improved support for animated objects from external plugins
  • ‘Max.num.faces’ filter default value was increased to 5 million to reduce the need of tweaking
  • Default mesh type for ‘Vegetation’ preset is now Convex Hull, which processes extremely highpoly meshes really fast.
  • Added warnings and messages for common cases of wrong parameter setting.
  • ‘Convert copies to instances’ function is now off by default, to speed up proxy convertion.

Check out this new tutorial by Jamie Cardoso, where he shows these new improvements in action, about how to easily create multiple proxies for trees and cars in your exterior scene.

You can download version 1.10 from:

Visit the plugin’s page!

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