Stractals 3dsmax script


Complex geometrical structures with the click of a button!


Stractals is a fractal generator script designed to swiftly produce a wide range of intricate geometric structures and sceneries for your 3dsMax projects.

Get instant, unique models for architectural concepts, exhibition stands, game assets, game levels, contemporary sculptures, motion graphics, and virtually anything you can envision!

The tool is very user-friendly. With just a few parameters you control the size, shape and complexity of the model. The generated structures consist of simple 3dsMax instanced meshes with varying scales, all conveniently linked together, enabling easy editing and manipulation for further modeling.

Stractals is designed to function with template files. Each template employs distinct types of geometries and construction rules to generate structures, yielding a diverse array of outcomes suitable for various applications.

The script is free and includes a versatile default template for users to explore and become familiar with the tool. Furthermore, you have the option to acquire an extensive selection of professional templates at a very affordable price, enabling you to rapidly craft your own impressive models. These templates are conveniently categorized within an expanding library on our website, so you can quickly find what you need. Take a look!

A novel and powerful use of this tool is to rapidly generate architectural concepts from a set of volumes. A basic render, without materials, is created from a Stractals model, and it is fed into an AI specialized in architectural renders. This yields multiple hyper-realistic finished images in seconds.

This is a powerful time-saving tool for artists and professionals in the fields of Architectural Visualization (ArchViz), 3D Game Art, CG Animation, Motion Graphics, VFX, Graphic Design and Industrial Design.


  • Generate complex geometrical structures with the click of a button
  • Very simple and user-friendly UI
  • Choose from a wide variety of templates, each offering unique geometries and construction rules to suit your specific needs.
  • Main settings to customize your fractal structures:
    – Number of elements comprising the structure.
    – Size of individual elements.
    – Number of fractal iterations (scale reduction steps).
    – Proportion of elements to employ at each iteration.
  • Use your custom container mesh to shape the resulting structures
  • Function to start manual editing.
  • Seamless Manual Structure Editing:
    – Elements are standard 3dsMax instanced meshes, allowing for quick adjustments and changes applied throughout the entire structure.
    – All meshes are logically linked in the order of construction, enabling chunk-based manipulation and facilitating animated construction processes.
  • Selection tools for precise control: filter by size, shape, or material.
  • Material generation tools: assign materials by size, shape, or randomly.
  • Remarkable Fuse Structure tool to consolidate all meshes into a single mesh, with clean topology, perfect for Turbosmooth or further modeling.
  • The main script is free and comes with a versatile default template.
  • You can acquire additional templates at a very affordable price from our extensive catalog.
  • Simple drag & drop installation.
  • No plugin-dependency.

More Info

Check out the Script Manual for examples and further information.

3dsMax version required: 2015 or higher.

Last update: October 6, 2023


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Stractals v0.5