Now offering Corporate Licenses!

Good news! We have implemented Corporate Licenses for all our 3dsMax plugins!

This is ideal for studios¬† and companies that want to install one or more plugins on many workstations but don’t want to buy multiple licenses or deal with many different license keys.

  • Buy 1 license, use in 10 workstations
    We offer something similar to floating licenses. Buying only 1 Corporate License, you can install the plugin on up to 10 workstations!
  • Manage all installations with only 2 license keys
    No more confusion using multiple license keys. Up to 5 domains/workstations allowed per key.
  • Save 20% of your money!
    Equivalent to buy 5 regular licenses but paying for 4.

What are you waiting for? Visit now our SplineDynamics Shop and see it for yourself!

Still having doubts? Just write us and we’ll clear all your doubts.