Educational Licenses

We provide free educational licenses for students and educators, for a period of 1 year. For non-commercial use only.
You can request the license for only one different plugin per year.

Please read all information below. Then send us an email to with the subject ‘Educational License Request‘, providing all the required data. Wait for response (1-3 business days).

Required Data

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of Birth
  • Country
  • Educational Institution (Government-accredited college or university)
  • Area (Architecture, Engineering, Media & Entertainment, Product Design, etc)
  • Educational role (Student, Educator or  School IT Administrator)
  • Proof of enrollment (for students) or that you work for the mentioned institution (for educators/non-students)
  • Name of the requested plugin

Terms & Conditions

  • Only Government-accredited colleges or universities are allowed
  • The proof must demonstrate the person is fulfilling the mentioned educational role at the institution, at the time of the license request.
  • The educational license is for non-commercial use only, for a period of  1 year (365 days).
  • The license belongs to a single owner  and it is not transferable.
  • 2 license keys are granted, to use in 2 different workstations (both belonging to the same owner).

The lack or falsity of any of the required data will result in the denial of the license.
The violation of any of the established terms will result in the immediate termination of the license granted.

If you would like to extend your educational license for another year after it expires, write to us and we can discuss it. We may accept it in exchange for graphic or video material that we can use for marketing purposes.

Thanks for your interest in our products. We look forward to see great works done with them. If you have any doubt, please write us through this contact form.