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Stractals Tutorial: Template Activation

Stractals 3dsmax script

To install and activate a new template you have purchased, do the following:

  1.  Drag the mzp-file onto a viewport. (The template files are automatically extracted and installed)
  2. Stractals script opens and the Template Activation Dialog shows up (see the image below).
  3.  Enter the license key you got in the email of your purchase order.
  4.  If everything is correct, you will see the message “Activation successful!”. That’s all!
    The new template name will be listed at the Templates dropdown list.

Alternative way to activate your templates

If you want or need to activate an installed template in other moment, you can do this:
Go to Help/About rollout. Press on Activate Template License.
A dialog window will show up, where you can pick the desired template file to activate. Then just follow the steps 2 to 4 previously described to perform the template actrivation.


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