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Overnight Batch Render – Complete Tutorial

This is an in-depth tutorial for Overnight Batch Render 3dsMax plugin, focused on how to set multiple camera views and different scene states on your 3dsMax scenes, so the plugin can catch those settings when rendering a submitted group of 3dsmax files.
It explains the 3 possible methods: 3dsMax built-in Batch Render tool, Scene States and State Sets.

Overnight Batch Render: Complete Tutorial

See the Overnight Batch Render Manual for detailed information about every tool in this plugin.

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Q-Proxies Tutorial: Creating Proxies for Animated Vegetation

Learn different techniques to generate proxy meshes for animated vegetation in 3dsMax, with Q-Proxies plugin.

This tutorial takes advantage of the great improvements and new features in Q-Proxies v1.05:

– New faster algorithm for generation of ‘convex hull’ and ‘vertex cloud’ proxy meshes.
– UI: ‘Presets’ list relocated at the top of ‘Main Parameters’ area for more intuitiveness
– Added one more preset: Animated Vegetation
– Now can generate static proxies for animated objects.
– New ability to process geometry from third-party plugins (e.g.: GrowFx)

Enjoy it!

Q-Proxies Tutorial: Creating Proxies for Animated Vegetation

Product page: Q-Proxies