RandoMixer 3dsMax plugin – Apply for Beta Test


RandoMixer is a 3dsMax plugin to generate multiple unique variants or states of your scene, model or character from sets of different elements and manage them within a collection.

This powerful tool helps you easily manipulate your objects in a variety of ways: mix, combine, reorder, rearrange, randomize, switch places, apply transforms, manage visibility, add chaos, etc.

It works this way:

  1. Provide RandoMixer with a set of objects to work with.
  2.  Choose the type of action/s to perform and adjust a few parameters.
  3.  Press ‘Create Collection’. The script processes the objects, produces the number of variants or states you required and stores them into a collection.
  4. You can easily navigate and edit every frame (state) of the collection.
  5. Optionally, you can render the collection with a built-in function or export it to 3dsMax timeline as an animation.

RandoMixer can be used for a different purposes:

  • Toggle between different objects with a single click.
    Example: quickly visualize a set of possible assets directly on scene and choose the more appropiate for your project (or render all variants!) .
  • Manipulate your objects. Apply random transforms, switch places, control visibility.
    Example: automatically reorder or rearrange a set of elements in your scene (books in a bookshelf, cars in a parking, decorative items in a room, products in a store, etc.)
  • Create combinations of elements to produce unique outputs
    Example: a) generate a variety of characters or expressions by combining different traits, body parts, accesories, etc.
    b) create diverse product concepts or modifications on a base model by alternating between a set of interchangeable pieces.
  • Create object states by saving transforms and visibility changes in a collection. 
    A simple and great alternative to 3dsMax ‘State Sets’ tool. Example: manually arrange the models  in your scene to produce different variants and easily explore or render them.

Create an entire 3D NFT collection in no time!

Quickly turn a small group of replaceable body parts into a huge collection of unique randomly-generated characters.
Load the assets, set the categories, adjust the rarity for each element and let RandoMixer generate all the combinations for you.
You can then edit the collection and finally render the entire sequence with your favorite render engine.


Get inspired and amazed by the power of mixing elements, switching objects and combining different models into something new and creative!

RandoMixer is a commercial script for 3dsMax 2015 and higher.

This is a powerful time-saving tool for artists and professionals in Architecture, CG Animation, Motion Graphics, 3D Game Art, VFX and Graphic Design.


  • Automatically generate multiple states, changes or combinations for a group of objects and store them into a collection.
  • 4 main functions / working modes:
    – Switch between objects (sequentially hide/unhide a set of objects)
    – Manipulate objects (switch places, apply random transforms, manage visibility)
    – Combine different sets of elements (automatically generate multiple unique combinations)
    – Create object states (manually apply and store a series of transforms and visibility changes)
  • Create and manage sets/categories of elements.
  • Switch object places: filter objects by similar volume; inherit target rotation; set anchor point to pivot, center or base.
  • Manage objects visibility: show/hide a percentage of the objects for each variant. Set it as constant, increasing, decreasing or random.
  • Apply random transforms: set minimum and maximum values to move, rotate and scale several objects for every state.
  • Automatically store all states/variations in a collection, easy to navigate as if they were frames of an animation. View the changes directly on your scene.
  • Dedicated tools for creating NFT Collections:
    – Manage Rarity: set a percentage of occurrence for every set/trait in the collection; define the weight for each element in the set.
    – Assign custom names for each set/category and their elements to define traits and values.
    – Export collection’s metadata to a sequence of text files.
  • Very intuitive controls to navigate through your collection.
  • Edit and manage collections. Manually add/remove items. Perform your custom changes and save them.
  • Take a snapshot of any variant in collection (automatically copy and attach all visible elements together as a new object).
  • Built-in function and controls to render the frames of your collection as a sequence of images. Define your custom output size and filename.
  • Additional Utilities:
    – Attach multiple objects by group/hierarchy
    – Unify objects position/rotation. Aligning tools.
    – Export the whole collection to timeline as an animation.
  • Very straightforward and easy to use.
  • Simple drag&drop installation.
  • No plugin-dependency.

Help / Tutorials

Video Tutorials


RandoMixer Manual


We are currently beta-testing the product. If you want to participate in the process and get some benefits, please read the information bellow and fill in the Application Form (at the bottom of the page).

Beta testers can write us and provide feedback either in English or Spanish.


  • have Autodesk 3dsMax version 2015 – 2023 installed in your computer
  • have at least 1 year of experience working with 3dsMax software
  • commit to follow the rules of the beta test and provide the required feedback

Beta Test Schedule

End of call for testers: June 23, 2022
Length of Beta Test: 12 days (maximum)
Closing date: July 5, 2022

Benefits of participating

  • 1 RandoMixer license for free
  • Direct contact with the plugin’s author

Application Form

After submission, you will get a confirmation email and we will contact you in the next 1-2 days. If you don’t get any email, please write us through this Contact form.