Overnight Batch Render v1.27

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Overnight Batch Render is an easy-to-use batch rendering tool for 3dsMax, capable to process multiple scene files sequentially on a single computer.



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Last update: April 27, 2024
3dsMax version required: 2015 and higher.


With every purchase you get:

  • 1 year license / lifetime license (depending which type you choose)
  • 2 license keys, to use in several workstations:
    – Regular License: 2 computers max. (each key is valid for one node)
    Corporate License.: 10 computers max. (each key is valid for 5 nodes)
  • Dedicated customer support.
  • free updates for the same major version.

Do your full render job while you sleep!

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Corporate License – 1 Year, Corporate License – Lifetime, Regular License – 1 Year, Regular License – Lifetime

21 reviews for Overnight Batch Render v1.27

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Based on 21 reviews
  1. thanh luong (verified owner)

    Great! Iam using it for recent projects and holding on to sleep.

  2. Александр Горшков (verified owner)

    Very nice and useful script!

  3. Jakub Cech (verified owner)

    Works like a charm!

  4. ALEJANDRO (verified owner)

    Met my deadline with the multiple approach rendering technique the software offers. Couldn’t have done it without it.

  5. Eric Pellegrino (verified owner)

    An incredible product that saves me so much time… and sleep. Awsome!

  6. Alexander S. (verified owner)

    Thank you for saving my time.

  7. Oleksandr Melnyk (verified owner)

    very good plugin

  8. Iurii (verified owner)

    Overnight batch render is good and usefull enough, but had many errors because of the conflicts with the file names and some special characters in the sets or batches names (should be checked and corrected automatically). Sometimes it does not work until rebooting of the 3ds max (does not start rendering with many errors, after reboot works well but I had to set all the settings again). And the default file extention is a big problem if I forgot to check it and had received the result in the .BMP format instead of 16bit TIF. It would be great if it remembered the last used path and generated file names for all render elements according to the main output file’s name and directory.

    • rode3d (store manager)

      Thanks for your review, Iurii. You are the first one reporting this issue. We recommend you to avoid using filenames with special characters. They can generate conflicts with many Windows applications, noy only with this plugin.
      About remembering the last settings, it’s a good idea. We can implement both suggestions in next plugin updates. Best Regards.

  9. Seth B. (verified owner)

    Such an amazing Script, I have 4-10 renders to do a night, all on different files. Being able to use this has saved me soooooooo much time!
    The best part, is I can keep all the renders on different files for faster renders in general. Instead of cramming them all in one file.

  10. William Chitham (verified owner)

    Pretty basic but reliable and got me out of a hole.

  11. George (verified owner)

    easy to use and very helpfull

  12. Daniel Diligent (verified owner)

    Vey usefull tool. Saves a lot of rendering time when i sleep 🙂

  13. Emanuele Longo (verified owner)

    Awesome script, very helpful for tight deadlines

  14. ALIAKSEI SHARAMETAU (verified owner)

    Would be nice to have the following options added:

    1) on opening, OBR restores its previous settings, not default ones, including the file saving format (png w/wt alpha or jpg, etc..) now we need to set them up every time we open OBR;

    2) when overriding output file size, need to have an option to lock image aspect ratio, like in 3ds max’s render settings dialog. For example, we have two scenes for render, one with output image size 1920×1080 (image aspect 1,7777), another 1920×1440 (image aspect 1,3333). We want to do final renderings with 5000px on the largest side; the final resolution for both files should then be 5000×2814 and 5000×3750. Now we can’t do this with OBR, since we can set up only 5000×2814 or 5000×3750 for BOTH files, which breaks image aspect of one of the renderings.


  15. Kinower (verified owner)

    would it be possible to add the “Net Render” function, to be able to launch it through backburner and render on multiple machines, it would be great, thanks!!!!

    • rode3d (store manager)

      Hi Kinower. O.B.R. was created to render multiple max files on a SINGLE computer. It is not intended to work with network rendering. That may cause unexpected issues. Also Backburner has many issues and it is not suitable for integration with other tools. Thanks for your feedback.

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Working like it should. Very helpful app.

  17. Tomasz Ślusarczyk (verified owner)

    Very good tool

  18. Andrew Chard (verified owner)

    Works well when rendering individual files, but I encounter bugs when it works in conjuncture with the native 3ds max batch renderer. Creates invalid or courrupt files, havent been able to fix it.

    • rode3d (store manager)

      Hi Andrew. Thanks for your feedback. Sorry to know you experienced those issues. If you contact us for help and provide us with details about the problem, we can assist you and come up with a solution or release a new update if there is a bug to fix. Best Regards.

  19. Julien (verified owner)

    Great tool, it’s simple like the “add to queue” in C4D, very useful to render multiple scenes during the night for example.

  20. Janne R. (verified owner)

    Works fine for me. It was just the thing i needed and easy to use. One thing I would like to see maybe in some update is that there would be Cancel -button that cancels all the renders at once and doesn´t shut down the computer if that is ticked on.

    I had some troubles paying with my credit card but the customer service was really fast and helpful.

  21. herve Adjam Sodangbe (verified owner)

    Great tool very usefull

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