Stunning art by Richard Devonshire, using our 3dsMax plugins

Art by Richard Devonshire

Art by Richard Devonshire

The British artist Richard Devonshire has shared with us some of his wonderful art, created with our great 3dsMax plugins SuperHelix and TurboSplines.

About the artist:

“UK based artist Richard Devonshire uses cutting edge technology to give a modern interpretation of fine art photography, painting, sculpture and drawing. He is creating a body of work which focuses on nature and its relationship with mathematics.

Richard’s creative process involves creating textured 3d models, virtual cameras and lighting systems that mimic real world settings and characteristics. While the work suggests a form of photorealism their visual qualities also radically differ from that of photography and lends to a heightened level of detail implying unlimited possibilities.”

Admire these wonderful artworks in a proper size and great detail in our Image Gallery.

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