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    Hello there,

    I downloaded the TS trial version and I encounter a problem with the segments edition.

    I have a spline which has 55 vertices. I create a capsule along the path and I increase the Segments(%) to 1000%. The mesh created does not “flow” in the path but creates “shortcuts” outside the path. How can I have more segments in the areas where vertices are close to each other? I attach an image for better understanding.

    Can you propose a solution to this?

    Thanks a lot,
    Vasileios Stergioudis

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    Hi Vasileios,

    Looking to the image you attached, I see your TurboSplines capsule has very few segments for a value of 1000% in the segments parameter.

    So the problem could be one of these two:

    1. You are working in a very small scale.
    2. The capsule object limitation for height segments.

    TurboSplines ‘Segments’ parameter works this way: a value of 100% means the mesh will have 1 segment per unit along the spline. So if the spline has a length of 10 units, then the mesh will have 10 height segments.
    So the Segments(%) parameter needs to be adjusted depending on the scale you are working.

    TurboSplines does not have selective segmentation like the 3dsmax’s Loft tool. The segments are evenly distributed along the spline.

    If your spline has a very small size and length, then the capsule will have vey few segments.

    So, if this is the case, try scaling up the spline before creating the TurboSplines mesh. Then re-scale down both the spline and mesh together.

    In the particular case of the ‘Capsule’ geometry, 3dsMax’s capsule object has a limitation of 200 height segments maximum. That’s why, if you increase the Segments(%) parameter so that the number of segments exceeds 200, TurboSplines ask you if you want to add a TurboSmooth modifier to the mesh to increase resolution.
    This is the recommended solution for this case. Adding a 3dsmax’s Turbosmooth modifier to the mesh, while decresing the ‘Sides’ parameter, will result in a higher segmentation along the spline.

    Another solution to this is using a ‘Box’ type of mesh instead of ‘Capsule’ and then add a Turbosmooth modifier on top to increase the general resolution of the mesh while rounding it. The you can increase a bit the ‘Radius’ of the mesh to compensate the loose of volume.

    I hope the explanation was clear enough.
    Please let me know your opinion.

    Hernan Rodenstein.


    Hey Hernan,

    Thanks for the quick reply. It was more than clear! It seems that the case was the small scale. I scaled them up 1000 times, I had to Reset Xform of the splines so as for Turbosplines to work. It works, but I still encounter another issues.

    First, I cannot scale down the TS capsules, they are shrinking following their paths. I cannot seam to collapse them.
    Secondly, is there any way that I can have the center of the hemispheres exactly at the point where the splines end?

    I was given a dxf file in which there are paths for a CNC machine with a hemisphere head. The machine guides this head until the ends of the splines, so the hemisphere is outside the spline ends. It’s like having a cylinder going through the spline and the create the hemispheres. I tried with the Height(%) and Stretch(%) fields, but I saw that every spline should have its own properties, since the lenghts are not the same.

    Is there any way to solve that? I hope that you’ll have something in mind.

    Thanks again,



    About scaling TS meshes. TurboSplines uses 3dsMax’s Path Deform modifier, so every mesh deformation along a spline and its position is tied to the spline.
    If you want to scale a TS mesh, you must always scale it together with its corresponding path, to preserve its integrity.

    About the second matter, to handle the particular situation in wich you need the hemispherical ends of the capsules to be outside the ends of the paths, I wrote a little script for you. (Attached to this post)

    Select the TS meshes and run the script. It will perform the animation positioning the capsules the way you need along the paths.

    I hope that helps. 🙂
    Hernan R.

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    This works perfectly! I am obliged to you! Thanks a lot!

    The scale worked perfectly when scaling both spline and TS meshes. The script worked like a charm as well! Now I encounter another issue though. When I boolean the meshes from a box (thick sheet of wood in reality), the result is straight capsules, not curved ones. I attach a picture.

    Is there any way to collapse the geometry to the current state?

    Thanks again.


    P.S. Just an idea that now came into my mind. If would like to animate the carving of the CNC machine onto the wood, I think that I would animate the TS mesh and use it with ProBoolean, right? If the mesh needs to be collapsed (maybe), then how would you animate this? As I said, I do not need the animation right now, I just thought of that.

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    Glad the script worked fine, Vasileios!

    For collapsing the TS meshes to Editable Meshes you must use 3dsMax’s Snapshot tool (Tools > Snapshot).

    TS meshes use World-Space Path Deform modifier. 3dsMax (Pro)Booleans support Object-Space modifiers, not World-Space. Maybe you find a script out there to convert the WS Path deform modifier to Object-space modifier (it’s not a simple task).

    Yes, using Booleans with animated meshes is a good idea for this task, but it wont work with TurboSplines for the reason I’ve just mentioned.

    Another posible aproach is to animate a displacement map on the material. Maybe you can use Turbosplines animation to render the displacement map for that.

    There are maybe another ways too. These were just some thoughs about that.

    If you like TurboSplines, of course you can buy it, but you can also conbtribute in other ways like:
    – Leaving a review on the product’s page. (
    – Sending a render or video of your final work with TS to show on SplineDynamics and Facebook image gallery.

    Hernan R.


    Hello Hernan,

    I do not know what world-space modifiers and object-space modifiers are. It’s really frustrating when a designer has something in mind and cannot draw it because of program type-of-thinking. I don’t know how to express my thoughts “We need drawing programs made by artists, not by programmers”.

    Nevertheless, I’ve tried 3DsMax’s Snapshot Tool for a bunch of TS meshes, it truly turned them into editable meshes. When trying to boolean them, some of them worked fine but some didn’t. The ones that didn’t have T-vertices which I fixed manually inside 3Ds Max. Then I still could not boolean them and I searched in the net, finding that Booleans do not work when an object has self-intersecting faces. I searched again and found an open-source program, called Meshlab, that can do a plethora of operations, one of which is called “Alpha Shape”. This essentially computes the the outer shape of a set of polygons. Unluckily, it didn’t work. I found no way to achieve this inside 3Ds Max.

    The next thing I will try is the creation of a static displacement map. If this does not work, I will probably turn to another application. I am somewhat dissapointed from 3Ds Max capabilities. It is a super-duper program with super-duper-huper addons, like yours, but lacks connectivity between itself and the designer.

    Apart from that, Turbosplines is an excellent plugin, thanks a lot Hernan! I will sure contribute in some of the ways you mentioned.

    Thanks a lot again!

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    Hello Hernan,

    I’ve finally designed what I wanted using a bump map. Turbosplines is a super program, though it wasn’t the exact tool for what I wanted.

    I used the file from the CNC, inserted into Adobe Illustrator and used the paths with 2 layers of brushes with different blurs and opacities. Then I exported to png, I fine-tuned in Photoshop and used in 3Ds Max as a bump map with correct UVW Mapping.

    The result is attached. I wanted to recreate this door for the same company:

    Overall, even though I used another method to produce my 3d still images, I give Turbosplines 5 stars, excellent product and superb feedback from the creator Hernan A.

    Congratulations and thanks a lot!

    Yours sincerely,
    Vasileios Stergioudis

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    Thanks, Vasileios. Nice work!

    Glad you resolved the matter nicely.

    And thanks for your kind words.

    See you around. 😉

    Hernan R.

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