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Hello Hernan,

I’ve finally designed what I wanted using a bump map. Turbosplines is a super program, though it wasn’t the exact tool for what I wanted.

I used the file from the CNC, inserted into Adobe Illustrator and used the paths with 2 layers of brushes with different blurs and opacities. Then I exported to png, I fine-tuned in Photoshop and used in 3Ds Max as a bump map with correct UVW Mapping.

The result is attached. I wanted to recreate this door for the same company:

Overall, even though I used another method to produce my 3d still images, I give Turbosplines 5 stars, excellent product and superb feedback from the creator Hernan A.

Congratulations and thanks a lot!

Yours sincerely,
Vasileios Stergioudis

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