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Hello Hernan,

I do not know what world-space modifiers and object-space modifiers are. It’s really frustrating when a designer has something in mind and cannot draw it because of program type-of-thinking. I don’t know how to express my thoughts “We need drawing programs made by artists, not by programmers”.

Nevertheless, I’ve tried 3DsMax’s Snapshot Tool for a bunch of TS meshes, it truly turned them into editable meshes. When trying to boolean them, some of them worked fine but some didn’t. The ones that didn’t have T-vertices which I fixed manually inside 3Ds Max. Then I still could not boolean them and I searched in the net, finding that Booleans do not work when an object has self-intersecting faces. I searched again and found an open-source program, called Meshlab, that can do a plethora of operations, one of which is called “Alpha Shape”. This essentially computes the the outer shape of a set of polygons. Unluckily, it didn’t work. I found no way to achieve this inside 3Ds Max.

The next thing I will try is the creation of a static displacement map. If this does not work, I will probably turn to another application. I am somewhat dissapointed from 3Ds Max capabilities. It is a super-duper program with super-duper-huper addons, like yours, but lacks connectivity between itself and the designer.

Apart from that, Turbosplines is an excellent plugin, thanks a lot Hernan! I will sure contribute in some of the ways you mentioned.

Thanks a lot again!

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