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Glad the script worked fine, Vasileios!

For collapsing the TS meshes to Editable Meshes you must use 3dsMax’s Snapshot tool (Tools > Snapshot).

TS meshes use World-Space Path Deform modifier. 3dsMax (Pro)Booleans support Object-Space modifiers, not World-Space. Maybe you find a script out there to convert the WS Path deform modifier to Object-space modifier (it’s not a simple task).

Yes, using Booleans with animated meshes is a good idea for this task, but it wont work with TurboSplines for the reason I’ve just mentioned.

Another posible aproach is to animate a displacement map on the material. Maybe you can use Turbosplines animation to render the displacement map for that.

There are maybe another ways too. These were just some thoughs about that.

If you like TurboSplines, of course you can buy it, but you can also conbtribute in other ways like:
– Leaving a review on the product’s page. (
– Sending a render or video of your final work with TS to show on SplineDynamics and Facebook image gallery.

Hernan R.