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Hey Hernan,

Thanks for the quick reply. It was more than clear! It seems that the case was the small scale. I scaled them up 1000 times, I had to Reset Xform of the splines so as for Turbosplines to work. It works, but I still encounter another issues.

First, I cannot scale down the TS capsules, they are shrinking following their paths. I cannot seam to collapse them.
Secondly, is there any way that I can have the center of the hemispheres exactly at the point where the splines end?

I was given a dxf file in which there are paths for a CNC machine with a hemisphere head. The machine guides this head until the ends of the splines, so the hemisphere is outside the spline ends. It’s like having a cylinder going through the spline and the create the hemispheres. I tried with the Height(%) and Stretch(%) fields, but I saw that every spline should have its own properties, since the lenghts are not the same.

Is there any way to solve that? I hope that you’ll have something in mind.

Thanks again,