Improved client services at SplineDynamics

Good news! We’ve made great improvements to our client services at these days!

We have integrated a new license management software to our site, with powerful features, to make your life easier.

This comes with many great benefits for you and us, that result mainly in a better and faster service.

  • My Account section (for logged-in users) is now much more functional and user-friendly.
  • Customers can now manage their license keys, orders, downloads, invoices and personal data directly from My Account
  • Add, deactivate or delete your license keys easily. No more asking the administrator to reset your licenses. You have the control.
  • Unlimited re-downloads. The products you purchased are now available for you to download at any time and any number of times.
  • Automatic PDF invoice delivery. You will get your invoice directly attached to the email of your order.
  • New extensive F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions) page, to answer all your doubts.

What do these changes represent to our customers?
Save time; better user experience; more control over purchases; less need for customer support.

In order to adapt already assigned licenses to the new license management system, existing customers must contact us (just one time), so we can generate new license keys to replace the old ones.
You don’t need to do it now. Only once you have installed the latest version of the product and need to make a new activation (because you reinstalled Windows, changed your computer or any other reason). Or if you want to start enjoying the new improvements right now. 🙂

We hope you like these nice improvements. We are always working in enhancing our products and services because we want you happy! 🙂

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write us.


New Spline Refiner 3dsMax script released!

Introducing our new 3ds Max script SPLINE REFINER!

Subdivide your splines uniformly without losing any detail!

Main Features:

  •  Equalize Subdivision: automatic / custom value / curves only.
  • Increase subdivision / Optimize straight lines
  • Process hundreds of shapes in seconds
  • Compatible with 3dsMax 2012 and higher

Launching PROMO 50% OFF !!

For more info, visit Spline Refiner product page

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 50% OFF!!


Get 50% OFF in these 3dsMax plugin bundles:

* ARCH-VIZ Bundle: Spline Cleaner + Spline Combiner + Spline Data.

* ANIMATION Bundle: TurboSplines + Spiros + SuperHelix.

November 23 to 26
Coupon code: bf81021102

TurboSplines Educational version

Are you a student or educator and don’t have enough budget or can’t afford TurboSplines 3dsmax plugin?

Then you can request the TurboSplines Educational Version.

This version has the same limitations as the Trial version but the trial period was extended to 6 months (180 days).

Just ask for it at the Contact page.