TurboSplines Educational version

Are you a student or educator and don’t have enough budget or can’t afford TurboSplines 3dsmax plugin?

Then you can request the TurboSplines Educational Version.

This version has the same limitations as the Trial version but the trial period was extended to 6 months (180 days).

Just ask for it at the Contact page.

Bake Splines Animation – free 3dsMax script

This new free 3dsMax script can bake the animation of multiple selected shapes to vertex animation, with a series of options.

It supports: modifiers animation, hierarchy animation and transform (position/rotation/scale) animation.

Very useful to collapse your modifiers stack, speeding up your viewport playbak. Also helpful to translate your splines animation to position data for later export to external software.

See more info and download this script here.

Spline Cleaner: display material ID’s on screen

Spline Cleaner 3dsMax script is a powerful tool to easily clean, repair and manage multiple shapes in your scene. Specially those imported from external vector software, wich need a deep cleanup and optimization process.

Besides its great tools (see the product’s page for more details), it comes with some useful functions, represented by three check buttons on the Spline Info Dialog tool: 1) display vertex ticks, 2) display vertex numbers, 3) display material ID’s.

These functions let you temporarily show your splines information directly on screen in realtime. You can switch this data on/off for multiple curves simultaneously.

Get more information and download the trial at Spline Cleaner’s page.

Custom spherical helix with Spiros

With our SPIROS 3dsMax script you can intuitively create beautiful and precise custom spirals and helices for spline modeling and animation.

The image above shows a kind of glass sphere, surrounded and supported by a particular helical shape. This was made in 3dsmax, by joining 2 different spline shapes provided by Spiros: a loxodrome (special spherical helix) and a biased conical helix.

For more info, check out the product’s page and Spiro’s tutorials.

Spline Data: no more secrets in those curves

SPLINE DATA is a really handy tool to get realtime information about the spline curves in your 3ds Max scene.

Don’t fight anymore against those rebel vector shapes, with overlapping vertices, double splines and hidden errors! Spline Data reveals their secrets to you.

Get instant feedback about the number of shapes, curves, segments, vertices, open/closed splines, size, length, etc. in your scene or selection. The changes are automatically reflected.

This is a commercial script, compatible with 3dsMax 2012 and higher.

For more info, go to the product’s page.