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    How do I install the Script?

    1. Unzip the content of the .zip file and then drag the “.mzp” file onto one of the viewports in 3ds Max . The script automatically installs itself.
    2. A dialog called “Software Activation” pops-up. Enter your license key in the text field. (You received 2 license keys by email when you purchased the product).
    3. If the license key is correct, Spiros will start.
    4. To add the script to a toolbar, go to the Menu > Customize > Customize user interface…
    5. Go to the “Toolbars” tab and pick the category “Spline Dynamics”.
    6. The script’s name, “Spiros”, must be listed there. Just drag it onto a toolbar and you’re done!

    Where’s the License Key to activate the product?

    You received 2 license keys by email when you purchased the script. Each one is valid for 1 workstation.
    If you cannot find the email, please write us through the contact form and we will assist you.

    Can I install the script in different versions of 3dsMax on the same computer?

    Yes, you should be able to install it in all 3dsMax supported versions on the same machine, using the same license key. The license is tied to the computer (node-locked), not to the software.
    If you have any trouble with this, please write us through the contact form and we’ll help you.

    Will you update the script in the future?

    Yes. We are commited to give our clients the best support and keep this tool always fresh and up to date.
    For that reason, we provide frequent free updates.

    Where can I find updates for this script?

    You can always download the latest update for this product at the Product Updates page.
    Spiros automatically checks for updates every 15 days and inform you about new releases. We also publish these news on our Facebook page.

    Is there any script’s documentation or manual?

    Yes, here is the Spiros Script Manual.

    How do I get customer support?

    Please write us through this Contact Form.

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