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    How do I install the Script?

    1. Unzip the content of the .zip file and then drag the “.mzp” file onto one of the viewports in 3ds Max . The script automatically installs itself.
    2. A dialog called “Software Activation” pops-up. Enter your license key in the text field. (You received a license key by email when you purchased the product).
    3. If the license key is correct, Spiros will start.
    4. To add the script to a toolbar, go to the Menu > Customize > Customize user interface…
    5. Go to the “Toolbars” tab and pick the category “Spline Dynamics”.
    6. The script’s name, “Spiros”, must be listed there. Just drag it onto a toolbar and you’re done!

    Is there any script’s documentation or manual?

    Yes, here is the Spiros Script Manual.

    I need more help!

    Don’t worry! Here’s an extensive list of FAQ (frequently asked questions), valid for all our products: Spline Dynamics FAQ.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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